Psychometric testing and interviews


Nelson Mandela University Business School accepts psychometric test results from SHL or GMAT. The psychometric testing phase (PHASE 2) of our application process is compulsory for all students.

We require prospective students to obtain appropriate results on their psychometric test in order to move onto the final stage of the application process, the interview (PHASE 3).

Below you will find a breakdown of the psychometric tests students can participate in:



Requirements: Each applicant must score a weighted average of 5 out of 10 on each of the psychometric test sections.

The SHL psychometric test, which is a time sensitive test, assesses an applicant’s verbal, numerical and inductive reasoning.

The SHL Psychometric Test will consist of:

Test 1: Numerical Reasoning (25 minutes – 18 questions)

Test 2: Verbal Reasoning (19 minutes – 30 questions)

Test 3: Inductive Reasoning (25 minutes – 24 questions)


Should you wish to practice the test at home, please visit the following SHL site: (you can create your own username and password).


Cost of the test: R1200.00 (non-refundable)



Requirements: Each applicant must score an overall minimum of 520 for the Psychometric Test.

Please visit for further information.

Please note that we must receive all GMAT results by (TBC)

The GMAT Psychometric Test is a time sensitive test.

Those who do not meet the criteria of PHASE 1 will not be allowed for further partake in the application process. Supporting documentation must be submitted within two weeks from initial application date.

All candidates who completed PHASE 2 will be asked to participate in PHASE 3, the interview phase. After completion of PHASE 3 the applicant's application will be reviewed in full against each phase's minimum requirements.

Interviews will be conducted via Teams/Zoom.

Once PHASE 3 is complete a final review of your application will take place and you will receive notification of the outcome a week after your interview.