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Maximising the value of Business Intelligence strategy 20 January 2022

How to get more value from your business intelligence...

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The importance of a BI strategy and framework within an organisation 20 January 2022

Be strategic with your business intelligence, says Nelson Mandela University Business School research...

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Transformational Leadership is key to Talent Retention 02 December 2021

Retaining high performing talent is a critical business imperative. While a degree of organisational turnover is inevitable, there are costs linked to the departure of a high calibre employee. These include the costs associated with finding temporary or replacement staff, reduced morale as employees work overtime, failure to satisfy the customers because of loss of productivity and insufficient production capacity.

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The global proliferation of COVID-19 shifted the focus almost entirely on the public health and economic impact of the pandemic. Yet, its impact on work, society and education is no less profound. Lockdown measures aimed at “flattening the curve” have wide spread effects. The slowdown in the world’s rhythm is almost unthinkable and a world in quarantine is almost apocalyptic.

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Inaugural Lecture: "Demystifying Leadership Connectivity: Rediscovering the soul of leadership" - Prof Paul Poisat 03 October 2019

The NMU Business School’s Prof Paul Poisat, delivered his inaugural professorial lecture recently. His topic was: "Demystifying Leadership Connectivity: Rediscovering the soul of leadership".

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Towards a Solution for Business Leadership Crises: Conversations, Conscious and Blended Leadership 24 April 2017

There is something systemically and intrinsically wrong with leadership today. One only needs to scan news media to spot failures from the top and the devastating impact of these encroachments on the lives of ordinary South Africans.

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Blend of Western and African leadership approaches key to business success in African emerging markets – new study finds 15 March 2017

• A study of MDs working in Sub-Saharan Africa reveals the importance of a combination of African humanism and Western pragmatism for successful leadership in emerging markets • NMMU Business School uses leadership study to develop a Business Leadership Framework for executive recruitment and skills development in Africa

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New study examines triple bottom line sustainability through conscious corporate governance 16 February 2017

Port Elizabeth, 15 February 2017 - The research findings of a new study undertaken by Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) Business School which examined conscious corporate governance has delivered fascinating results on the future sustainability of companies.

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