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Executive Education

Executive Education

The Nelson Mandela University Business School's diverse and dynamic executive education programmes cater to modern day demands of an ever-changing world.

Our programme mix includes business management and leadership programmes, and short learning courses.

Programmes have been designed to unlock the rewards of advancement, personal development and growth, benefitting working individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs and stakeholders in HR, training, skills and talent management arenas.

Enhanced leadership skills, improved management expertise and better performance in business and organisational functions are the rewards when partnering with Africa's forward-thinking business school. Training in specialist, niche and experiential areas are also provided. Programmes are presented by specific subject areas such as HR, operations, customer service, strategy, marketing, finance, information management and many more.

Working individuals and employees can access these programmes at any given time in their careers or for their unique ventures.

The same applies to employees and their positions in the organisational hierarchy. Nelson Mandela University Business School accommodates all: senior leaders at top level, middle management, junior executives and first line management.