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SMME & Entrepreneurship

New business creation and sustaining existing businesses is fundamental to the growth of the South African Economy and to our future socio political stability.  Nelson Mandela University Business School addresses entrepreneurial development through offering the following dynamic programme.

New Venture Creation Programme

*Complexity Level:  M

Why this programme?

This programme is designed to promote entrepreneurial behaviour and resourcefulness in any individual by conveying business, finance, marketing and costing skills to ensure sustainable SMME’s and wealth creation.

Target Audience

Any idividual who wishes to start their own business and members of co-operatives.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have a Matric/NQF Level 4 qualification and should have or plan to start a new business. RPL can be considered during the application process.


The total course duration is twenty-two (22) days spread over a period of 4-6 months and consists of one-hundred and seventy-six (176) contact hours.


Kindly request a quotation for pricing of this programme, inclusive of assessment.

Exit Level Outcomes

  • Design and present a formulated business plan complete with operational goals and objectives
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyse and understand the relationship between costs, revenue and profits.
  • Demonstrate the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.
  • Analyse and evaluate the risk and potential of new ventures.
  • Develop and apply specific techniques for developing ideas for new ventures.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the tender process and use tenders to secure business.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of perfect and imperfect competitive markets and factors that influence the economic activity.
  • Implement knowledge of accounting systems and financial statements when managing finances in a new venture.
  • Apply different language structures and features to suit communicative purpose and demonstrate the ability to effectively write on a range of topics as well as edit writing.
  • Understand the importance of enhancing performance levels and motivating in a leadership context

Programme Structure:

Business plan development 24 hours
Principles of costing and pricing 16 hours
Introduction to entrepreneurship 24 hours
The viability of business ideas and opportunities 16 hours
The importance of innovation in business 16 hours
Tender to secure business 16 hours
The function of the market mechanisms 24 hours
Financial management for a new venture 16 hours
Personal Effectiveness in a Business Environment 16 hours
Motivating Self and Others in a Leadership Context   8 hours

(Each of these modules can be presented as stand-alone modules.  These modules can also be presented as Unit Standard-aligned modules.)


First Year Post Matric
Second Year Post Matric
Third Year Post Matric
M+4 Fourth Year Post Matric
The Symbol indicates the complexity level of the programme. It does not indicate a qualification. NQF levels cannot be assigned as this programme does not lead to a formal qualification.



Students will complete formative assessments which may include classroom activities such as role plays, group discussions and reflective tasks as well as summative work-based assessments which may include tests, presentations, and individual or group assignments.


Students who successfully complete all the modules will receive a Nelson Mandela University Certificate of Compliance and credits onto stipulated learning programmes.  Students can also register for individual modules and be certified against those modules successfully completed.

For further information or to register contact:

Nelson Mandela University Business School, 2nd Avenue, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, Republic of South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)861 504 500


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