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Executive Education

Short Courses

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Effective Office Administration M 2 Days
Prepare, Conduct and Record Meetings M+1 1 Day
Professional Personal Assistant M+1 2 Days
Business Plan Development M 3 Days
Introduction to Entrepreneurship M 3 Days
Personal Effectiveness in a Business Environment M 2 Days
Principles of Costing and Pricing M 2 Days
Tender to Secure Business M 2 Days
The Function of Market Mechanisms M 3 Days
The Importance of Innovation in Business M 2 Days
The Viability of Business Ideas and Opportunities M 2 Days
Contract Management M+2 3 Days
Legal Principles for Business M+2 2.5 Days
Assertiveness and Influencing Skills M+1 2 Days
Business Writing Skills M+1 1 Day
Communication in a Business Environment M+2 2 Days
Conflict Resolution Skills and Strategies M+1 2 Days
Effective Presentation Skills M+1 2 Days
Effective Writing Skills M 2 Days
Facilitating Organisational Conversations M+2 2 Days
Frontline Communication M 1 Day
Interpersonal Skills M+1 3 Days
Professional Presentation Skills  M+2 2.5 Days
Report Writing Skills M+1 1 Day
Excellence in Service M 1 Day
Excellence in Service Implementation M+1 ½ Day
Marketing Principles and Customer Relationship Management M+2 4.5 Days
Economic Principles for Managers M+2 4 Days
Basic Financial Principles M 1 Day
Financial Principles (Intermediate) M+1 3 Days
Finance for Non-Financial Managers M+2 5 Days
Financial Management for a New Venture M 2 Days
Employment Equity M+1 ½ Day
Handling Workplace Labour Relations M+1 3 Days
Human Resource Management for Non-Practitioners M+2 3 Days
Labour Relations M+2 3 Days
Role of the Shop Steward M+1 1 Day
Talent Attraction and Retention M+2 1 Day
Workplace Discipline M 2 Days
Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making M+1 1 Day
Facilitator Course M+1 3.5 Days
Motivating People M 1 Day
Monitoring & Evaluation for Organisational Performance  M+3 5 Days
Productivity, Continuous Improvement and Introduction to Work Study M+1 2 Days
Time Management M 1 Day
Tools for Continuous Improvement M 1 Day
Change Management M+1 1 Day
Coaching M+1 2 Days
Contemporary Management M+2 5 Days
Diversity and Personal Effectiveness M+1 1 Day
Ethics in Moral Leadership M+2 2 Days 
Integral Leadership for Established Managers M+3 6 Days
Knowledge Management for Organisational Transformation M+2 3 Days
Leadership and Teambuilding Skills M+1 3 Days
Leadership Skills for the 21st Century M+2 5 Days
Management Skills for 21st Century Leaders M+1 3 Days
Mentorship  M+1 1 Day
Principles of Effective Teams and Meetings M 2 Days
Women in Leadership M+2 3 Days
Basic Principles of Operations Management M+1 1 Day
Customer Centric Approach to Supply Chain Management M+2 3 Days
Fundamentals of Costing and Estimation Management M+1 3 Days
Fundamentals of Freight Management M+1 3 Days
Fundamentals of Inventory and Stores Management M+1 3 Days
Fundamentals of Purchasing Management M+1 3 Days
Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management M+1 3 Days
Integrated Operations Management M+2 4 Days
Applied Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Self-Management M+1 2 Days
Effective Thinking in the Problem-Solving Process M+1 2 Days
Emotional and Cultural Intelligence for the 21st Century Leader M+2 3 Days
Self Development M+2 3 Days
Stress Management M+2 1.5 Days
Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation for Project Managers (#ECSA) M+2 7 Days
Basic Project Management Tools and Techniques M+1 1 Day
Monitoring and Evaluation for Project Managers M+1 3 Days
Monitoring and Evaluation for Organisational Performance M+3 5 Days
MS Projects M+2 2 Days
Project Management (incl. MS Projects) M+2 5 Days
Project Management (excl. MS Projects) M+2 3 or 5 Days
Leadership in the Project Environment* M+2 3 Days 
Project Initiation* M+2 3 Days
Project Planning* M+2 3 Days
Project Execution & Control* M+2 3 Days
Project Termination & Post-Project Review* M+2 3 Days
Project Finance* M+2 3 Days
*PLEASE NOTE:  #Prerequisites are applicable to these modules - For more information contact:    
Principles of Quality M 1 Day
Quality as Business Excellence M+1 2 Days
Basic Research Methodology M+2 2 Days
Research for Senior Managers M+4 6 Days
Retail Manager (Operational Finance) Skills Programme M+1 5 Days
Safety, Health and Environmental Management M+2 2.5 Days
Safety, Health and Environmental Risk Control M+1 1.5 Days
Creative Selling Techniques M+1 4 Days
Analytical Thinking M+1 2 Days
Organisational Development M+2 5 Days
Strategic Management M+2 4 Days


Contact us at:  for more information on our Short Courses. 


First Year Post Matric
Second Year Post Matric
Third Year Post Matric
M+4 Fourth Year Post`Matric
The Symbol indicates the complexity level of the programme. It does not indicate a qualification. NQF levels cannot be assigned as this programme does not lead to a formal qualification.
#ECSA - Registered for CPD points with (Engineering Council of South Africa)

Programme Guidelines, Fees And Registration

Admission Guidelines

For most programmes a Grade 12 certificate is required for registration. Students also have to comply with the SAQA unit standards’ entry requirements, e.g. NQF level 4 for a level 5 programme. RPL can be a consideration. Please contact the Programme Coordinators for the work experience requirements.

Language Policy

All programmes are conducted in English and students are expected to complete their assignments in English. Please note: The Business School reserves the right to cancel or postpone a programme. A full refund will be made in this instance.

Course Times Guidelines

In-House Programmes
All programmes can be scheduled for in-house delivery with dates and times as per clients’ requests.

Open Executive Programmes
Consult the Business School for the latest course time guidelines for programmes. Programmes are presented during weekdays, in the evening or on Saturday mornings. Please enquire for relevant times.

Programme Fees

For the latest programme fee structures please contact the Business School office where you intend to study. In-house and customised training requests will be quoted on by the Business School and are dependent on factors such as number of students and specified needs and requirements of the client.

Pass Rate

The minimum pass rate for each module is 50%. Any student achieving from 40 - 49% will have the opportunity of submitting a supplementary assignment.


Students who meet minimum requirements will be awarded compliance certificates. Those not meeting minimum requirements will be awarded certificates of attendance.


Credits can be obtained for completing Short Courses that form part of certain programmes within the Business School’s programme portfolio. A maximum of 50% module credits can be transferred.

National Programme Delivery

Existing and bespoke programmes for corporate education, with the exclusion of academic degree programmes, are presented across South Africa and Africa at client premises or client-approved venues and facilities.