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DBA Degree

ProDBA Entrance Requirements

ProDBA ADMISSION Requirements

Minimum admission requirements:

  1. An MBA or any other relevant approved Master's degree.
  2. An overall average of 60% obtained for the MBA or relevant approved Master’s.
  3. At least five years of middle to senior business management experience.

Selection process:

In addition to the minimum requirements above, the following conditions for selection apply:

  1. Timeous application is required to allow for a thorough adjudication.
  2. Applicants, as part of their application, need to present a preliminary proposal (3 pages) outlining the focus and nature of the intended research.
  3. The acceptance of an application is subject to the availability of the implied supervisory capacity, both in terms of time and expertise.
  4. Upon application, candidates, who have not previously studied at NMU, will be required to submit an official, verified transcript of their academic record that, where applicable, includes the syllabus of each module passed in their preceding degree programme together with a copy of the research project, mini-dissertation or treatise.
  5. International students who have completed previous qualifications in a language other than English must submit proof of English language proficiency reflecting minimum adequate scores as follows:

IELTS: 6.5 minimum overall score with minimums of 6 in each section;



  1. Paper-based (PBT) – 580 minimum overall score with minimums of 53 in listening, 52 in reading and 59 in structure/written;
  2. Computer-based (CBT): 237 minimum overall score with minimums of 19 in listening, 19 in reading and 25 in structure/written;
  3. Internet-based (IBT): 92 minimum overall score with minimums of 18 in listening, 17 in reading, 22 in writing and 22 in speaking.

If the above-mentioned conditions are met, students will be selected against the following information:

  1. Two letters of recommendation, one from an academic and one from a prominent business leader or manager.
  2. Resume/CV
  3. A two-page personal essay describing the following is required:
  • An expression of the proposed research idea or other research interests (1000-1500 words)
  • The professional organisations to which you belong
  • Awards, activities and other creative accomplishments, and
  • A brief autobiographical statement including future professional plans   

4. The preliminary research proposal (3 pages)

5. Interview: Applicants will be interviewed by means of video-conference or personal for final acceptance onto the programme.

Duration of study:

Full-time: 2 years minimum and 6 years maximum duration of study.

Part-time: 2 years minimum and 6 years maximum duration of study.


Coursework component: A candidate will be allowed a maximum of 2 years to complete this component.

Thesis: A candidate will be allowed a maximum of 4 years to complete this component.