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MMM Degree

MMM Selection Criteria and Admissions Process



  • The qualification is aimed at current maritime professionals who want to be trained to take up senior management positions in their organisations or further develop their skills, knowledge base and expertise in the industry. Candidates are subject to selection based on 5 years’ work-related experience or 3 years’ maritime business-related or management experience
  • All applicants will be subject to a psychometric test performance, the applicants’ results of prior qualifications should not be less than an overall average of 60%
  • All applicants will undergo a formal interview process which will also add to the admission weighing.
  • The only capping applicable for this programme – a maximum of 40 students will be enrolled per annum, this is merely to promote class interactions and ensure a viable student to lecture ratio.
  • RPL candidates will be guided and advised on how to gather and present the evidence required to demonstrate that they have met the stated learning outcomes and associated assessment criteria, and how the evidence needs to be presented for assessment. Each faculty/department will provide the applicant with information specific to the assessment. All evidence, but mainly primary sources and direct evidence, will be accepted when the RPL assessment is performed. The following criteria will be specifically applicable to RPL assessment:

-         Authenticity,

-         Currency and

-         Sufficiency.


PLEASE NOTE:  Capping is set to a maximum of 40 students.