Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Business School Leaders for tomorrow
General Information

About Us

Nelson Mandela University Business School offers formal graduate programmes, customised learning & in-house training, executive education, and research and business consultation services.

Nelson Mandela University Business School was founded in 2005 as the youngest business school in Southern Africa. Our international head office and main campus is situated in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Our vision

We are a business school of choice in Africa and a trendsetter in management and leadership development.

Our mission

We create holistic leaders and contribute to sustainable development through education, research and engagement.

We support working individuals in their on-going quests for career progression and personal development, while enhancing employees and workforces, empowering them to become high-performance assets to employers. We create leaders who are innovators and independent thinkers empowered to shape the future by directly contributing to economic prosperity, personal wealth, the upliftment of society and ecological sustainability.  

Our values

  • We benchmark against the best to enhance our offering and ensure excellence
  • Constant innovation stems from challenging the status quo and existing paradigms
  • Through our approach of embracing people, planet and prosperity, we create sustainable solutions
  • A spirit of ubuntu leads us to value common humanity and create synergies
  • Always professional, accountable and trustworthy, we prove our integrity by living our values.