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PUBLISHED BOOK: China’s Impact on the African Renaissance: The Baobab Grows.

Nelson Mandela University’s Business School academics Prof Kobus Jonker and Dr Bryan Robinson  joined the national debate on China in Africa with a recently published book entitled China’s Impact on the African Renaissance: The Baobab Grows.

Authors of "China’s Impact on the African Renaissance: The Baobab Grows", Prof Prof Kobus Jonker (right) and Dr Bryan Robinson.

Aimed at “economists, people doing business in Africa, China-watchers and those following the development and growth of Africa” this book provides the first comprehensive academic study of what China's trade with, and investment in, African countries mean for the socio-economic well-being of the continent.

The African Tree of Organic Growth framework is developed in the book outlining the factors necessary in realising Africa's Renaissance vision and considers the impact of the Chinese on this process.

The authors used the metaphor of the Baobab tree, to analyse the historical, cultural and economic contexts within African countries, and the channels available to stimulate development and growth, and the fruits of social and economic well-being created by this integrated process.

Numerous African examples and case studies are included, describing and analysing the unique challenges and complexities of different African countries and the contribution that the Chinese have or could have, on achieving the critical cultural, scientific and economic renewal that will contribute to the improvement of the well-being of their citizens.

The book takes a strongly African perspective and emphasises the importance of African countries robustly taking the initiative in influencing this relationship between China and Africa that benefits both China and promotes the ‘African Renaissance’.

Prof Jonker specialises in Business Strategy and International Business, whereas Dr Robinson’s research interests are business ethics, corporate governance, development economics and globalisation. His research into foreign direct investment in Africa takes a specific focus on China’s engagement in Africa and its socio-economic impact.