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Execution and Revenue: How to Launch a Successful Business

On the 5th of November, we were proud to host the ‘Execution and Revenue: How to Launch a Successful Business’ workshop, with Gail Kerr.  Ms. Kerr led attendees through the steps of growing business ideas and concepts.  These steps included: how to make no-go decisions, when and what to present if you need an investment.  Gail also touched on creating a competitive advantage through reducing inventories and shortening emergency delivery times, translating into hard cash.

Mrs. Kerr made time for brainstorming about attendees’ business ideas, which was extremely helpful and engaging. From a baby carrier entrepreneur (NMMU Business School MBA graduate) already distributing in Europe, a knee surgery device, an engineering maintenance company and others all jumped up and received valuable feedback.  Positive feedback was received after the event, some of which included that “it blew attendees away” and that “we need more entrepreneurial events like this”.  Business cards were traded and new networks formed.