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The Great Reset: Economic Development through Localisation

The Nelson Mandela University Business School is pleased to launch the 2021 Business Recovery to Growth Webinar Series, which aims to bring together expertise on economic growth and development.  We acknowledge the role of localisation as an enabler for economic growth.

To find out how South Africa can grow and advice on how to grow local business for recovery and get ahead, we invite you to join our (live) Webinar series and learn from our panel of local and international experts how to turn around the economy, your business and bring about prosperity for all.

Some of the pertinent questions under the spotlight are:

  • Has globalisation reached its peak and how did Covid-19 expose a fractured system?
  • Is localisation a panacea for our struggling economy and will the community benefit?
  • More importantly, do we have the appropriate skills and capabilities to bring about opportunity and prosperity for all?

Business for South Africa adopted a recovery strategy for a new inclusive economic future in South Africa last year. We have identified three phases that are crucial on the road to recovery and economic prosperity, and have organised our 2021 Webinar Series themes around these phases:

  1. Survival to Recovery: How is economic growth and recovery possible?
  2. Recovery to Growth: How do we leverage localisation to stimulate economic growth?
  3. New Economic Opportunities (New Ventures): What opportunities does a low or no touch (mask to mask) economy present?

Prior to COVID-19, the SA economy was already in decline. In comparison with other emerging economies, SA have below par growth, investments have been tumbling, government expenditure has been rising and the shape and scale of SA’s fiscal and economic challenges remains daunting and insuperable.

Our economic indicators reveal an economy in profound crisis and our only real hope lies in economic growth.

The need for companies to make business decisions quickly, effectively and collaboratively has never been as urgent as now. It is time to develop growth strategies by pivoting localisation as a vehicle for economic development.

We asked people with the expertise and knowledge such as local and international alumni, business leaders, advisory board members and top academics for their views, advice and guidance. Draw on the wealth of knowledge from our panel of local and international experts.

The Webinars will take place from June – October 2021. The complete schedule of speakers and topics will be communicated.

The Webinar Series will be conducted via live Zoom sessions.