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A day filled with celebration: Graduation 2016

It is Tuesday, the 12th of April 2016 and what started out as a cold and windy morning has suddenly turned into a sunny afternoon. Just in time for graduation.

This year the Business School had a total of 102 graduates comprising of two BBA, three DBA, 57 MBA and 40 PDBA students. After all the hard work these students gathered to reap the rewards of their dedication and determination.

Amongst those graduating was an NMMU full-time staff member, who works in the University’s Office for International Education, Mrs Algene Koeberg. She describes her journey as “a valuable experience that I’d remember for a lifetime”. “Today I feel so proud, excited and relieved,” she further commented. Mrs Koeberg mentions that her most challenging time was when she fell pregnant in her second year. However, despite the challenges, she was able to celebrate her success with her son and her husband who is currently in his second year on the NMMU MBA Programme.

Abraham-James Phillips, who has an Engineering background said that the MBA made him see the world from a different perspective... “This programme has inspired me and allowed me to embrace my own worth”. His advice to current students was “prepare yourself for a journey which will open your mind and reflect on how much potential you have to make a success of your life – and not only business.”

Pat Ramadass a PDBA (Cum Laude) graduate described the programme as an “enjoyable journey of growth and development – good stepping stone towards the MBA”. Needless to say that Pat is currently registered for the MBA Programme and looks forward to further developing his leadership abilities.

The following were comments from other excited graduates:

“I met such motivated and driven individuals. My network was enriched beyond measure.” – Bianca Reichelt, MBA (Cum Laude), International graduate

“An amazing experience of individual growth and character training. I have gone onto the MBA” – Unathi Mboniswa, BBA graduate.

“It looks difficult until it’s done. My supervisor warned me that there are two types of students, “talkers and doers”. I have chosen to be the latter.” – Justice Ramagoma, DBA graduate.

“Mind, body and soul. Keep those three elements in harmony and you will succeed.” - Zahier Ebrahim, DBA graduate.

In closing the Graduate School wishes to congratulate all our graduates. In addition we would like to thank all staff and supervisors for their contributions.